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EHC 2 Lambeth EHC Request Form

Lambeth SEND Service will be piloting the new EHC Hub in April 2018.  In preparation for this pilot  and for borough-wide roll out we are introducing an EHC Request form that is based on what you will be using on the EHC Hub.  This request form is the new way to request an EHC needs assessment.  Schools will still need to complete 3 cycles of support showing how they have implemented a graduated approach to supporting the child's additional needs.  This is called SEND Support.  However, schools can now submit their own version showing how they have implemented and monitored SEND Support.  This must clearly indicate the impact of support on the child's progress.


Schools no longer have to complete Lambeth's SEND Support Plan, but you do need to submit a 'SEND Support Plan' that shows your graduated approach.


The Checklist for EHC Requests (EHC1) is still current.  Where it says SEND Support Plan you can still use the Lambeth version, especially if you have started it, but you can also use your own version, e.g. Student Passport, My Pathway to Support etc.


Providing professional reports that support the level of need that you have identified and make recommendations for meeting the child's needs remains the same.  Remember that it is important to show in your graduated approach to SEND Support HOW you have acted on advice from professionals.


Completing a Provision Map with Costs (EHC3) is also required to help SEND Panel understand how the school has used resources to support their understanding of the identified need and what evidence-based practice schools have used to meet the needs of the child.


Also it is important that educational settings across the phases show how children and young people and their parents/carers have been involved in making decisions about the support given and how they have been involved in target setting and intervention choices wherever possible, and as creatively as possible.  Lambeth SEND Service welcome all forms of capturing children's views and actively reject the idea that some children are unable to give their views.


Sue Franklin will be available to answer any questions on these processes during this interim phase of EHC hub development.  This request form will be discussed at SENCO Network on March 21st 2018.  Questions can be emailed to


The request form can be downloaded and text can be typed into the boxes.  All EHC Request Applications should then be emailed to with supporting documents.



Final point.  Yes you can continue to use the Lambeth SEND Support Plan to request for the rest of this term.  From March 8th you can choose to use the EHC Request form along with your SEND Support Plan and contributing documents.  From 16th April 2018 all requests must use the EHC Request Form with all contributing documents.

07 Mar 2018

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