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Training: Understanding Female Genital Mutilation - 6th October 2017

This course aims to provide the opportunity for practitioners to develop their awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM). The course will examine indicators that a person is at risk and what actions practitioners should take to prevent and intervene where they suspect that female genital mutilation is a concern. It will also raise participants' awareness of legislation (Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003) and national government guidelines. The course will place FGM within a child protection framework.



By attending this course, participants will:

•       know what constitutes FGM

•       identify who practises FGM globally, nationally and in Lambeth 

•       understand reasons given for performing FGM and the impacts it has on individuals

•       be able to recognise indicators that a women/girl has had/is at risk of FGM

•       know the mandatory reporting duty that professionals have around FGM

•       understand current legislation around FGM

•       be able to respond appropriately to cases including referring to the appropriate agencies.



Delegates need to book onto the course via Lambeth Learning Pool.


Full instructions on how to register for a LLP account and how to book onto a course can be found in the VAWG training programme. The training programme is on the Lambeth Council website, in the VAWG Guide, under ‘information for Lambeth practitioners’:


21 Jul 2017

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