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Business Continuity/Resilience Plans and the procedure

All Lambeth Headteachers / Chairs of Governing Boards

Please ensure your Premises Officer is made aware of this advice. 

In view of the winter months now upon us, I write to remind you that you should have updated your business continuity / resilience plans.  We have put together a brief guidance note on what to look for when deciding how best to protect your buildings against the potential damage that can be caused by severe weather conditions.

- Please ensure that you have a suitable amount of grit/salt available.  We would assume that you already have contact details of your local

- Check for any current external leaks and attend to them as soon as possible.

- Consider insulating any external taps, water faucets to protect them from freezing and possibly becoming brittle

- Inspect drainage areas to ensure they are clear of debris and that any potential surface water can disperse and not be allowed to stand and freeze to become a hazard to any persons entering the area.

- Do you have roof top water storage?  Consider a quick inspection to ensure that current insulation is in good condition and fit for purpose.

- Consider leaving the boilers turned on to the lowest setting. This may help with combating the cold weather and to minimize the risk of pipes freezing and losing important ceiling space heat.

- In the case of an emergency, ensure that telephone numbers for engineers or utilities services are easily available.

The list above is by no means exhaustive and as each site is different there could possibly be issues that are localised to your area. In this instance we would recommend that you refer to your business continuity/resilience plan.

A revised proforma to complete electronically if your school has to close unexpectedly for any reason, for example, staff sickness, problems with the building, strike action etc is attached.  If you email the completed proforma to unplannedclosure@lambeth.gov.uk it will automatically be delivered to all Council officers who need to be aware of the closure.  

Please note: the proforma should not be used for planned school closures (building works etc that the school has itself organised); for closure in the event of a civil emergency or critical incident; or for out of working hours emergencies.  The emergency procedures are set out on page 2 of the proforma. 

If you have any queries regarding business continuity/emergency planning matters, please contact:

Rachael Akanbi

Business Continuity Officer

Phone: 020 7926 6161

Email: rakanbi@lambeth.gov.uk

30 Nov 2016

Colm Doyle
Lambeth School Services
Contact Provider