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Designated Safeguarding Leads Forum - 14th July 2020
03 Jul
programme: 2.00 to 4.00pm - MS Teams COVID - an overview of priorities in Lambeth Sustantive changes to the statutory guidance 'Keeping children safe in education, Sept 2020' Issues around domestic violence and to ensure a trauma informed appraoch to pupils who may have been affected. Issues around on-line abuse, child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation. Working together to safeguard children
Visual Impairment: Newsletter June 2020
23 Jun
Lambeth's Visual Impairment: Newsletter June 2020 can be downloaded under the Downloads Bar on the right-hand side of this webpage. Related Articles: Visual Impairment: Newsletter May 2020
COVID-19: National Testing Programme FAQ
23 Jun
The COVID-19 National Testing Programme - Frequently Asked Questions The FAQs document contains the most commonly asked questions about the National Testing Programme. It’s intended to support colleagues and stakeholders actively involved in the delivery of the programme and those who advise and communicate to stakeholders and the wider public about testing. The full COVID-19: National Testing Programme FAQ document can be downloaded under the Downloads Bar on the right-hand of this webpage.
UPDATED Summer 2020 Model Governing Board Agenda
23 Jun
I have updated this term's model agenda for governing board meetings to be held during the remainder of the Summer Term 2020, currently provided free of charge. The model agenda is designed to support the work of the governing board, but is intended only as a guide - please adapt the agenda to suit your own needs and priorities. Please remember that this agenda is very different to that which would normally be used for the summer term meeting, but still includes some items which should appear on the agenda of every meeting – standard items - and items that the governing board must consider during this summer. Advice and guidance on each agenda item is below each item in italics, but is not intended for inclusion in the final document.
Education & Achievement Report: 2018-2019
19 Jun
The Education & Achievement Report: 2018-2019; Explains the council’s vision for excellent school provision; Summarises the progress made by Lambeth schools, pupils and the school community in raising achievement throughout that academic year; Serves as an evaluation of the local authority’s work, particularly working with schools as the Lambeth Schools Partnership, to achieve targets; Considers future priorities and activities The full Education & Achievement Report: 2018-2019 can be downloaded under the Downloads Bar on the right-hand of this webpage. Related Articles / Resources: Education & Achievement Report: 2018-2019 Education & Achievement Report: 2017-2018 Education & Achievement Report: 2016-2017 Education & Achievement Report: 2015-2016 Education & Achievement Report: 2014-2015 Education & Achievement Report: 2013-2014
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14 Jul
Designated Safeguarding Leads Forum (14 July 2020 - 14.00pm-16.00pm)
Covid – an overview of priorities in Lambeth. Substantive changes in the statutory guidance ‘Keeping children safe in education, Sept 2020’ Issues around domestic abuse and to ensure a trauma-informed approach to pupils, who have been affected Issues around on-line abuse, child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation Working together to safeguarding and promote the welfare of children
15 Jul
Promoting a smooth transition from EYFS to Year One - Extra Session (Microsoft Teams)
• Understand how to plan for the individual needs of children • Consider ways to create a suitable and developmentally appropriate learning environment • Organise flexible and routines to support children’s emotional well-being
15 Jul
A Closer look at planning for Literacy and Maths during Autumn Term of Year 1 - Microsoft Teams
• Strengthening an understanding of progression as children learn early concepts in Maths and Literacy • Considering suitable activities to help children acquire key skills and knowledge in Literacy and Maths • Understanding the need for children to explore and revisit ideas
31 Jul
ELSA Supervision and Registration 2020-2021
In Lambeth, the title of ELSA is only recognised to legitimately apply to: - Those who have undertaken the designated 6-day certificate training with Lambeth Educational Psychology Service (or another accredited service) - Those who are signed up to Lambeth’s ELSA register. - Those who are in receipt of ongoing supervision, facilitated by an Educational Psychologist (this occurs once per half term for 2 hours, usually delivered in small groups of up to 8 ELSAs) ELSAs are working with some of the most vulnerable children and young people in our schools. It is essential that they continue to receive specialised professional support to ensure safe and effective practice. CHANGES TO OUR 2020 OFFER: Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and school closures, we will be resuming supervision from the autumn term 2020. Therefore, the offer for 2020 includes: - Registration to Lambeth’s ELSA register. - 4 Group Supervision sessions across the year, lasting 2 hours per half term. - Opportunities for CPD during the Group Supervision sessions (including a ‘refresher’ on supporting loss and bereavement) We anticipate that the first supervision session of the year (in the autumn term) will be delivered remotely, via video call to ensure the safety of all attending. Following this, supervision groups will discuss and agree jointly how future sessions will be delivered, (please note, this is subject to government guidance).
15 Sep
Designated Safeguarding Lead Training
Learning Objectives: - Consider key legislation and guidance that determines organisation’s policies for child safety and welfare - Understand how to respond effectively to a child who reports abuse - Understand the barriers that prevent staff from reporting concerns, and how to overcome them - Make the right decisions about what steps to take when concerns about a child have been raised - Understand what role the school or Early Years Setting has in the multi-agency child protection process, including case conferences - Explore issues connected to recording and sharing information, including confidentiality - Awareness of the emotional impact of safeguarding children and identify a network for personal support - Consider learning from local and national serious case reviews