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Aim High Secondary 2019 - Video
09 Dec
Raising the Game: Aim High Secondary 2019 Over 400 students from Lambeth secondary schools attended Aim High sessions at Lambeth Town Hall in October 2019 where they had the chance to hear from inspiring and successful Black individuals from a range of professional and academic backgrounds. These inspirational volunteer speakers included tech experts from the Black Googlers Network, neuroscientists, doctors, lawyers, educators, economists, historians and the Black British Business Person of the Year 2019 (also the first-ever Black person to chair the British Science Association), amongst many others! Watch the video from the day here.
Lambeth - Dragon's Den
09 Dec
Levi Roots inspires young people’s entrepreneurial spirit! Brixton’s most famous entrepreneur Levi Roots made a return to the Dragon’s Den with more than fifty Lambeth pupils who pitched for funding to back their brand new social enterprises. Young social entrepreneurs from eight local primaries, secondary and special schools joined Levi at Lambeth Town Hall on Thursday, November 7. Other Dragons in the Den included Diana Nabagereka, General Manager of Brixton Markets, Xochitl Benjamin, co-founder of the hugely successful Brixton Brewery and Yvonne Field from the Ubele initiative, which builds sustainable communities through supporting BAME entrepreneurs. Levi and his fellow Dragons awarded shares of a £650 seed fund to the schools who pitch the best plans which had to show their ideas were sustainable, realistic and they must demonstrate passion about their social aims. The joint winners were St Helens Primary School pupils who won £100 of investment from their Dragons for their smoothie idea for the homeless and were also offered a free pop market stall in Brixton Village, so they can experience trading for real. Southbank UTC who came up with a unique idea to address Sanitary Poverty amongst young girls, who also received £100. The other six schools all received £75 investment each and lots of advice. The programme of Social Enterprise Education will now continue in all schools throughout the year until April and there will be further awards at the end The event was coordinated by Lambeth Made, a unique campaign founded and supported by Lambeth Council, NHS Lambeth CCG and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust Charity to make Lambeth one of the best places in the world for children and young people to grow up. They worked in partnership with the Social Enterprise Academy. The video from the day can be viewed here. The schools that took part were: St Helens Primary School, Brixton Immanuel and St Andrew Primary School, Streatham Michael Tippet College, Clapham Park South Bank Engineering UTC, Brixton Telferscot School Primary School, Streatham Elms Court School, Tulse Hill Clapham Manor Primary School, Clapham Crown Lane Primary School, Streatham
Lambeth Takeover Challenge 2019
27 Nov
Lambeth Takeover Challenge: Local Students Took Over Lambeth Council and NHS Jobs for the Day. After last year’s success, the Lambeth Takeover Challenge was back by popular demand last Friday. 50 year-10 students from 12 different Lambeth secondary schools came to take over council and NHS jobs alike. During the morning, around 35 students took over a variety of senior roles across the council, including (but not limited to) Director of Children's Social Care, Cabinet Member for Jobs, Skills & Community Safety, Assistant Director for Education, Head of Communications and many more! One group of students discussed their perceptions of serious youth violence and proposed ways they would reduce the issue in the borough with senior members of staff from across council teams. Another group who were undertaking placements in ICT discussed how they felt the council could support young people now and in the future, and senior staff leading this session were impressed with the students’ input. Dean Evans, ICT Business Liaison Manager, commented that his group were ‘wonderful teenagers who have given [him] a new appreciation of that generation.’ Other staff also echoed how much they’d enjoyed the day, with Alex Kubeyinje, Director of Children’s Social Care saying: ‘I had an amazing experience and my young person was a breath of fresh air.’ 14 students also undertook placements in Guy’s and St. Thomas’ hospitals respectively, with 10 students spending the morning extracting DNA from strawberries, and four students reviewing NHS pages. Staff from St. Thomas’ were really pleased with the students’ input, saying: ‘The students gave some fantastic feedback on our practice websites!’ In the afternoon, all 50 students congregated in the Council Chamber and engaged in a debate activity focused on climate change. Students provided practical suggestions for what Lambeth could do locally, as well as giving insightful comments on the wider issue of global environmental change. Students seemed to have a great time, with one who commented that the Takeover Challenge experience had increased both her ‘knowledge and respect for Lambeth council’. Another student said that it was ‘so fascinating learning about how the Education department works, and [how the council] tackles problems like serious youth violence and climate change.’ Overall, it was a fantastic day for students and staff alike. We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for the Lambeth Takeover Challenge!
Public Health England - Winter Readiness Advice For Schools
15 Nov
With the weather getting colder and extreme weather alerts across the country, just a reminder of our advice and guidance to help with your decision making. Please ensure your Premises Officer is aware of this advice. Winter-readiness information for London schools and nurseries from Public Health England Public Health England has published updated advice for schools and nurseries in London, which can be downloaded from the downloads section to the right. As winter approaches, it is important that schools are reminded and updated on important health considerations for their pupils/students, parents/carers and staff. Pupils and staff in schools are particularly susceptible to infections which increase over the winter months, such as seasonal influenza (flu) and stomach infections (such as norovirus). These can be very infectious and cause outbreaks in school settings due to the close contact amongst pupils and staff. The spread of these illnesses can be limited by improving infection control practices within the school. Young children and/or those with chronic illnesses are also at risk of developing complications from certain vaccine-preventable infections such as measles and flu. It is important that they are immunised to prevent any complications and to reduce the likelihood of outbreaks in a school setting. The briefing includes: Key messages for headteachers on winter preparedness Two checklists on flu and norovirus readiness and when and how to report outbreaks Leaflets and further information on flu, norovirus and meningitis. Business Continuity Planning Don’t forget to update your business continuity/resilience plans, which should include an update of your emergency contact details for parents. We have put together a brief guidance note on what to look for when deciding how best to protect your buildings against the potential damage that can be caused by severe weather conditions. Please ensure that you have a suitable amount of grit/salt available. We would assume that you already have contact details of your local suppliers. Check for any current external leaks and attend to them as soon as possible. Consider insulating any external taps and water faucets to protect them from freezing and possibly becoming brittle. Inspect drainage areas to ensure they are clear of debris and that any potential surface water can disperse and not be allowed to stand and freeze to become a hazard to any persons entering the area. Do you have rooftop water storage? Consider a quick inspection to ensure that current insulation is in good condition and fit for purpose. Consider leaving the boilers turned on overnight at the lowest setting. This may help with combating the cold weather and to minimize the risk of pipes freezing and losing important ceiling space heat. In case of an emergency, ensure that telephone numbers for engineers or utilities services are easily available. The list above is by no means exhaustive and as each site is different there could possibly be issues that are localised to your area. In this instance, we would recommend that you refer to your business continuity/resilience plan. Procedure to follow if your school has to close unexpectedly (for example, due to heating issues or snow) This is a reminder about the proforma you should complete if your school has to close unexpectedly for any reason, for example, staff sickness, problems with the building, strike action etc, which can also be downloaded from the downloads section on the right. Please ensure that you email the completed proforma to unplannedclosure@lambeth.gov.uk and it will automatically be sent on to all Council officers who need to be aware of the closure. Please note that this proforma should not be used for planned school closures (building works etc that the school has itself organised) or for closure in the event of a civil emergency or critical incident; or for out of working hours emergencies. The emergency procedures are set out on page 2 of the proforma and are as follows: Out-of-Working Hours Emergencies Out of hours, emergencies must be reported to the Council via the main switchboard on 020 7926 1000 – which operates on a 24-hour rota every day of the year. Major or Critical Incidents Notification of a major incident, either during or outside normal working hours, must be reported directly to the Council via the main switchboard on 020 7926 1000 - which operates on a 24-hour rota every day of the year. Where a major incident has occurred, the Headteacher (or their representative) should also contact the Director of Education and Learning, so that the relevant support can be provided. If you have any queries regarding business continuity/emergency planning matters, please contact: Rachael Akanbi Business Continuity and Resilience Officer Public Protection, Assurance and Regulatory Services Phone: 020 7926 6161 Email: businesscontinuity@lambeth.gov.uk
Education & Achievement Report 2017-2018
12 Nov
An evaluation of the Local Authority’s work, in partnership with schools, to achieve the Council’s vision for excellent schools provision. Including an evaluation of Year 3 of the Education and Learning Strategy 2015/18 Please download the full report in the Downloads Toolbar.
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25 Dec
TEST For Card Payments
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08 Jan
New Headteacher and Heads of School Induction Programme
Benefits of the programme This programme will develop the skills needed in effective leaders so that they: • aims to give an essential introduction to the key departments and officers with the Local Authority • enhance their current practice and have a direct impact on their school in leading teaching and learning and raising standards • are confident in working collaboratively with others in school and across schools in the Local Authority and beyond • are able in time to be highly effective school leaders and Head teachers • the programme aims to give essential introduction to the key departments and officers with the Local Authority
09 Jan
Developing the Careers Leader Programme (4 sessions)
The programmehas been developed to offer a locally focused and cost effective approach to supporting school/college Career Leaders and Senior Staff in schools/colleges in South London in meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks and Ofsted assessment criteria. The individual sessions will help Career Leaders and Senior Staff involved in the provision of career guidance to: 1. Networking - It will explore how to develop a network around the school or college with employers, colleges, universities and other partners to support your students' career learning. 2. Coordination - It will explore aspects of internal coordination in the school/college. 3. Management - It will explore the day-to-day tasks involved in managing a careers programme, including planning, budgeting and supporting colleagues 4. Leadership - it will explore different models of careers leadership and how to secure buy-in for a careers vision.
10 Jan
Teacher Training for GCSE/ A Level Spanish (TSST:MFL)
Morning session: Delivered in English and will comprise a theoretical reflection, with practical examples, on some key aspects of the new GCSE and A level programme, with a focus on the four language skills, on using translation as a teaching tool and on the use and design of authentic teaching material based on the Task-Based Approach to language teaching and learning (30hrs). Afternoon session: Conducted in the target language and will expand the content presented in the morning with practical Spanish GCSE and A Level examples based on the Task-Based Approach, with the possibility to share ideas and teaching material and to do some micro teaching sessions (30hrs).
14 Jan
Designated Safeguarding Lead Training
Learning Objectives: - Consider key legislation and guidance that determines organisation’s policies for child safety and welfare - Understand how to respond effectively to a child who reports abuse - Understand the barriers that prevent staff from reporting concerns, and how to overcome them - Make the right decisions about what steps to take when concerns about a child have been raised - Understand what role the school or Early Years Setting has in the multi-agency child protection process, including case conferences - Explore issues connected to recording and sharing information, including confidentiality - Awareness of the emotional impact of safeguarding children and identify a network for personal support - Consider learning from local and national serious case reviews