Hate Crime Resources for schools
10 Oct
Hate Crime Awareness Week is on 14th - 18th October. Hate Crime increases after terror attacks and can also lead into a cycle of retaliation for future harm, division and violence. One of the biggest issues with hate crime is that often both victims and perpetrators do not realise a hate crime is being committed. What can your school do to raise awareness of this issue and what support is there for pupils affected by this? Resources for schools: Why Me? delivers a service supporting victims of crime and participants through the Restorative Justice process and are offering FREE Restorative Justice Training to Lambeth schools. Restorative Justice is a process where harmed people can have a dialogue with harmers in a carefully controlled, expertly-facilitated setting. It could be a face to face meeting or a simple exchange of letters. This process has helped thousands of victims to get answers about why they became victims of harmful incidents, and to get closure for any wrongdoing committed against them. Restorative Justice Training would be beneficial to those who are: Managing difficult disputes that contain an element of discrimination Looking at dealing with disputes in a more constructive way Why Me? are visiting schools in Lambeth and Southwark to provide FREE training on Restorative Justice for hate incidents. Why Me? also have a team of 12 experienced Restorative Justice facilitators, who are fully equipped to mediate any disputes between pupils for FREE. Book Today by emailing Lesson plans and posters: Primary and Secondary schools can use the lesson plans below to explore the issues around hate crime and help raise awareness for both potential victims and perpetrators of hate crime. There are also some posters available to download and print, should you feel this is appropriate for your setting.
Guidance on completion of the Register of Interests
09 Oct
“Governors should be mindful that in exercising governing body functions, and as required in maintained schools by legislation, they must act with integrity, objectivity and honesty and in the best interests of the school; and be open about the decisions they make and the actions they take and be prepared to explain their decisions and actions to interested parties” – DfE Governance Handbook, March 2019. The School Finance (England) Regulations 2012 require that all maintained school governing bodies set up a register of interests, and ensure that it is updated regularly. Academy funding agreements have similar requirements. The register should include entries by all governors/trustees or equivalents, the Headteacher/Principal and any associate member. It is also good practice to include entries from other members of staff who can influence purchasing and/or contracting decisions. An individual entry should record any relevant business and/or personal interests, including governance roles in other educational institutions and any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives/connections). The register is an important safeguard for individual governors – if a governor has no such interests a “nil” entry should still be recorded. You can download more detailed guidance on completion of entries for the Register under "Downloads" to the right of this article. A model Register of Interests proforma is available here:
Lambeth Schools Partnership Working Together Report - Autumn 2019
03 Oct
"Lambeth Schools Partnership Working Together" is the Director, Education and Learning's termly report to LSP school governors and headteachers, which is published three times a year, at the beginning of terms 1, 3 and 5. Its main purpose is to provide a clear and concise briefing for governors and headteachers on national and local issues and their duties and responsibilities. Included are important recommendations for governing boards to consider this term regarding: Governing Board development Subscriptions to the Lambeth Governors Forum for 2019/20 Governor vacancies Proposed school term and holiday dates for 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24. Ofsted Safeguarding School Profiles and Contextual Reports Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Emotional Health and Wellbeing (EHWB) and Healthy Schools London School admissions There is a summary of the recommendations on page 7.
Lambeth Schools Partnership Governors' Working Together Event - Presentations etc
01 Oct
Lambeth Schools Partnership Governors' Working Together Event - Thursday 26 September 2019 The Lambeth Schools Partnership comprises the Local Authority, schools, academies and other education settings working together to accelerate school improvement across the borough and to provide professional challenge and support. It co-ordinates, signposts and brokers a range of training and traded support services available via Lambeth School Services, Teaching Schools and Clusters. LSP Governors' Working Together Events are held three times a year, a few days after the equivalent events for headteachers. There is a presentation from Lambeth's Director of Education and Learning, Cathy Twist, about national and local developments and matters of interest, with other LA officers also contributing, as appropriate. The Lambeth Governors' Forum always has a slot and there are opportunities for discussion and to ask questions. At this term's event governors heard from: Betsy Nelson, the LA's Behaviour and Inclusion Adviser, about support for schools when dealing with the inclusion of vulnerable pupils, including Lambeth's new Fair Access Protocol If you want to take it for yourself, this is the unconscious bias test that Betsy spoke about in her presentation: The Harvard Unconscious Bias Online Test. Clare Dudman, Assistant Director, School Quality Assurance and Partnerships provided an introduction to the new Ofsted Inspection Framework, including on the ground experience from a Lambeth school recently inspected under the new framework. Cathy Twist, Director, Education and Learning, provided an update on national and local developments and on the developments within the Lambeth Schools Partnership and its working groups. All the presentations and the agenda are available to download above. If you have any difficulties accessing the documents please email
FREE: Trees For Schools
01 Oct
The Woodland Trust wants to ensure that everybody in the UK has the chance to plant a tree. So they're giving away hundreds of thousands of trees to schools and communities. Visit this link to choose your pack(s) and fill out an application form. Secure Your Free Trees Today The Woodland Trust has two delivery periods per year, one in March and the other in November. They are currently taking applications for trees to be delivered in March 2020. Please note that responses to applications may take a few weeks due to current high demand. Visit The Woodland Trust Website
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Training & Events

16 Oct
Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA) Certificate Course 6 Days
This course provides a Certificate of attendance which is needed for registration. It does not provide registration in itself. Trainee ELSAs can only become registered ELSAs (and use the ELSA title) by continuing regular supervision/CPD- once every half term with an Educational Psychologist. There are clear benefits of registration which include: • Access to the ELSA Network online support community • Access to ELSA resources. • Sharing ideas and problem solving with other Lambeth ELSAs • Regular CPD and supervision- ensuring that approaches continue to be relevant and evidence based An ELSA register is kept at the local authority of qualified ELSAs. ELSA support is considered an evidence-based intervention for social, emotional and mental health needs and can be included in SEN support plans. For more information about ELSA see:
16 Oct
Natural Thinkers - Connecting Children to Nature
The course covers: • Importance of outdoors • Overview of the 10 commitments • Risk assessments • Practical learning experiences Aims: • To demonstrate how to connect children to nature through accessible activities • To explore how to support children to respect and understand their role in protecting the environment • To look at how to make food growing a part of children’s lives • To discuss ways of promoting children’s health and emotional well being • To look at creating nurturing environments that encourages communication and a sense of belonging
16 Oct
Autism Postgraduate Certificate
Module 1 Autism Individuality & Identity Module 2 Understanding Autism & Learning
18 Oct
Free Training: ADHD Awareness - Lambeth Secondary Schools
Training will cover: What is ADHD and what are the symptoms and causes; comorbidities – anxiety, depression, dyslexia, Autism, OCD, etc; what does ADHD look like over the lifetime and the impact of a diagnosis; treatments; What is available in Lambeth; signposting and further resources; the lived experiences – a day in the life of a young person and a parent; Expert Panel; tools and strategies.
24 Oct
Safeguarding Responsibilities of the Governing Board
This course gives an overview of basic child protection and safeguarding issues and also looks at the specific statutory duties governing boards have in this area, in line with current legislation and statutory guidance